• Entrepôt

Entreposage et Distribution de vos produits


Entreprise familiale en affaires depuis 1996, Distribution Excellence vous offre l’environnement le plus stratégique pour l’entreposage, le transbordement (cross-docking) et la distribution de vos produits. 

Nous sommes au carrefour entre le souci du détail et la flexibilité d’une petite entreprise et les outils technologiques des grandes compagnies. Notre service personnalisé et notre rigueur sauront vous plaire.

Du reconditionnement à la gestion de l'espace, nous avons l’équipement, la machinerie et le personnel adéquats pour assurer un service de qualité pour tous les besoins en entreposage et en distribution.

Nous sommes concernés par vos besoins; nous trouverons des solutions sur mesure pour vous.

Nous sommes le prolongement de vos opérations.

Nous sommes le coup de pouce qui vous manque lorsque les effectifs, le temps ou l’espace sont limités.


Voici quelques-uns de nos services d'entreposage et distribution:

  • Entreposage de marchandise à court, moyen et long terme; 
  • Service de centre de distribution tout inclus pour votre entreprise; 
  • Espace sous douanes pour la marchandise en attente d'acceptation au Canada; 
  • Emballage maritime pour tout cargo expédié par voie maritime.

Little Known Ways to Decide on Transportation Insurance

A considerable amount of people all over the world deal with the daily struggles of getting from one place to another, which makes the different types of vehicles and means of transportation as one of the many concerns that often need to be addressed, in fact transportation insurance professionals, their services and policies has earned better recognition because of this. There are quite a good number of providers out there that can present you with any of your transportation insurance needs, but you may need to look into specific guidelines before finally deciding on which policy to purchase in the future.

Learn About the Trade

Although there are a lot of ideas that are perceived when it comes to insurance, it is still best for you to have your own evaluation and standard to the kind of coverage that you would like especially since there are a considerable variety of benefits and assistance that can be guaranteed for you. Gain better information when it comes to transportation insurance since there are a lot of companies out there that claim to give the best deal for their clients, take the time and opportunity to see the industry standard and base your selection with the company that sticks to what is expected.

Experience with Potential

As you get to learn more about how the whole transportation insurance gets settled and the various information and details that go along with it, the next best thing to recognize is the provider that can work best with you and all of your own needs. In case you are looking to find transportation insurance for personal needs or in case you need for work or business, you may need to go through a list of possible companies, preferably those that have been in the industry for a long time and has great reputation to back them up.

Browse Through Client Feedback

There is nothing that speaks best than the amount of good and bad feedback that comes straight from an insurance company’s very own clientele, as this pretty much dictates the amount of assistance, effort and customer service that is offered to those who have already done business with a provider. The mere fact that you get to read on claims that were not followed through or that no such assistance was given to a client when they need it already is a red flag and that you may want to proceed and find a different provider that really delivers what is expected of them.

Present Your Needs

Once you have become secure and seen which trustworthy company to work with and have been able to see the degree of client satisfaction that a provider has, you will need to go on with a consultation with them, so at this point you should consider listing out all your insurance needs and what you expect from your insurer. This keeps you up to par with the specific details that you need for your policy making it easier to screen through those that will be presented to you by the provider.

Personnel to Customer Relation

Be considerably concerned not just with the reputation of your chosen insurance provider, you should also be doubly expectant of quality of service that is given to you by the staff and personnel who personally walk with you through your insurance selection and at the same time look up your policy needs. Being able to find a representative that will be able to deliver and match you up with the transportation insurance that you are looking for, and at the same time also give all of the possible options available for you means they keep tabs with what you need and will do their best to deliver your needed assistance when the time comes that you need it.

Financial Consideration

Adding to your policy needs, be truthful when it comes to your financial status as this will greatly influence the options of insurance plans that will be presented to you. Never assume that you cannot be given consideration as most companies will actually be more than willing to help you and give you considerable fees and charges, at times even provide you with discounts and reasonable payment schemes that match with your finances.